Prospective Students

How will your story begin? Whether you're a first-year, transfer, working professional, or adult student, Penn State DuBois offers students a world of opportunities within a uniquely individual, small-class setting. We've got it all! Four-year degree programs that can be completed right here at the DuBois campus, award-winning faculty, undergraduate research, study-abroad programs, varsity sports and student clubs and organizations.   You'll have the advantage of a world-renowned Big Ten University combined with a small, private college environment.

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Over 160 degrees you can begin at the DuBois Campus and finish at another Penn State campus, 15 degrees you can 100% complete right here at Penn State DuBois, over $450,000 in scholarship money awarded to just about 50% of DuBois students, a full Career Services office with coordinator to help students find their first job and begin their career, and academic and staff advisors to assist you on your path to graduate school.

We make it easy for transfer students to explore their options and work directly with an Admissions Counselor to navigate through the process.

What else didn't you know about Penn State DuBois?

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Financial Aid & Tuition

Over 90% of the student body at Penn State DuBois attends campus with the help of Financial Aid, which can be a combination of scholarship money (you don't pay back), grant money (you don't pay back), loans, work-study and other assistance.

We have over $450,000 to award annually in Scholarships.

There is a path for each prospective student to attend Penn State DuBois and to create a financial game plan on how to lower your tuition bill.

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At Penn State DuBois our academic programs offer students a range of knowledge and skills as they prepare for careers locally, nationally or globally! With more than 160 Penn State majors that can be started at Penn State DuBois, and completed at University Park or another Penn State location, DuBois offers 7 baccalaureate degrees, 8 associate degrees, minors, and a variety of special programs that can be completed right here in DuBois!

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Campus Life

Penn State DuBois enjoys student organizations, athletics, internship possibilities, and friends from places you may never have visited - or even heard of.  We are a community who pulls together to do great things in the classroom, community, and campus.  

Penn State DuBois offers over 26 student organizations, along with leadership opportunities, and out-of-class events to engage you in our diverse campus community.  

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Career Services

In 2010, The Wall Street Journal ranked Penn State graduates the #1 choice among nearly 500 of the nation’s corporate recruiters. Penn State graduates benefit from the largest dues-paying alumni association in the world, providing a network to more than 500,000 alumni. Penn State DuBois is designed to partner students with industry early on in their academic careers to allow them an opportunity to gain valuable work experience while earning their degrees. Development and employment of local talent is our top priority.